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At Willmore Wellness, we believe in the connection between physical and mental health. I am a certified personal trainer and somatic practitioner, and I can help with general mental blocks that prevent you from living your best life, as well as personal strength training, meditation coaching and addiction recovery strategies. I provide wellness education and training with resources to aid in wellness of the body, mind and spirit. My approach is holistic, and I focus on nourishing and strengthening the individual in order to lead a healthy and happy life.

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Randy has been my trainer for several years.  I am a competitive swimmer and his mind-body connection work has helped me achieve both personal bests as well as competition wins!  You won't be dissapointed!

Frank R.

If you have ever struggled with addiction recovery, you know the resources are relatively limited.  Finding Randy was the best thing that happened to my recovery journey.  His use of physical body movement connection to the strength of the mind was overwhelmingly powerful.  Thanks for helping me find my way, Randy!

James P.

As a middle aged man who's never focused much on physical fitness, I found myself at  crossroads.  Time isn't kind!  Randy helped put me on a path to both physical and mental health that I believe has added years to my life and enriched my relationships, my professional life and my self-awareness.  I didn't even know I needed him until I found him, but I'm so grateful for the profound changes in my life after working with Randy!

Sam J.


East Dallas, TX, USA


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