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Nuturing Happiness: The Power of Relationships in Your Seven Pillars

How could anyone deny that a key element of happiness is the quality of our relationships?

It's not just a pillar; it's the cornerstone. The people around us shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions, influencing our worldview and serving as anchors in times of need. Relationships dominate our conversations and philosophies in life.

There's a specific cliché that comes to mind:

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

While some may dispute this one, clichés persist for a reason, and this one sticks when considering how relationships impact overall happiness. Want to be a top-producing sales agent? Surround yourself with those who've achieved that status. Seeking spiritual growth? Connect with like-minded mentors. Is health your priority? Be around others with healthy priorities.

Surrounding yourself with people not on your path can be a distraction, leading you off course. 

If friendships are filled with negativity, intolerance, or small-mindedness, breaking free becomes a challenge. Regardless of your life agenda, finding others with similar focuses provides support, strength, and alignment. Yet, be cautious about narrowing your social circles too much, as it can create an echo chamber, hindering growth and exploration of alternative ideas. (Consider our current political environment for a stark example!)

While we naturally gravitate towards "our people," variety expands our minds and happiness. Learning to appreciate others' perspectives helps us relate to different situations with empathy and love. Find your social groove, even if it means stretching your mind to receive life's blessings. When you find your tribe, love them hard. Be an active participant, making time to develop and nurture these relationships.

Expressing gratitude for friends

These three ladies have been my closest allies for the last 15 years. While I'm abundantly blessed with a large social circle, these three hold a special place in my heart! Our bond formed around a shared love of family and food, evolving into joint meal prepping when our kids were younger. Despite life's changes, our connections remain strong. I love them like sisters, and we've been each other's foundation through laughter, tears, travels, crises, and triumphs. Laura, Bonnie, and Lesli, you are my tribe, and I cherish every moment with you!

Happy 2024! Love someone (or several someones) hard this year! 💖

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